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Diamond oction is a diamond manufacturer and seller site with natural and certified loose diamonds on auction with USA eBay. Get all real and natural diamond with buy it now and bid now option. Huge stock of color diamonds, certified diamonds, diamond auctions, diamond stud, diamond pendant, diamond ring, matching diamond pair and rough diamond.

White Color Diamonds
Blue Color Diamonds
Green Color Diamonds
The name white was used for centuries to describe apparent color of colorless stone but true white diamonds do have a true milky white natural color.
Blue diamonds are natural semiconductors, in contrast to most other diamonds, which are excellent electrical insulators.
Pure green diamonds are very rare since their natural green color comes from exposure to irradiated particles over eons of time.
Pine Green Color Diamonds
Canary Yellow Diamonds
Pink Color Diamonds
Pine Green Diamond
Canary Yellow Diamonds
Loose Pink Diamond
Stunning Apple Green Color showcasing exquisite measurements and quality.
The glow of a yellow stone illuminates a woman with an aura, no matter which shade she chooses.
The hot favorites of connoisseurs, pink diamonds are considered the treasure of treasures.
Champagne Color Diamonds
Red Color Diamonds
Black Color Diamonds
Champagne Diamond
Red Diamond Auction
Black colored Diamond
Imagine diamonds the color of champagne bubbles rising up in a crystal glass, or the shade of warm cognac.
Red Diamonds are the rarest of the fancy color. In fact, they are so rare in nature that most jewelers have never even seen a natural red diamond.
The depths of a natural black diamond are almost hypnotic as light absorption is almost complete and the play of light retained is most unique.
Diamond Rings
Diamond Pendants
Diamond Studs
Wholesale Diamond Rings
Diamond Pendant Necklaces
Diamond Stud Earrings
Diamond Rings are the ultimate gift for your special someone. The engagement ring is meant to be a sign of luck and happiness.
Diamond pendants are the most popular type of diamond necklaces. In this era solitaire pendants are in high demands.
Time to add a little flash appeal to your appearance with 14k yellow gold diamond studs or in white gold metal.

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